Attracting Women

I am nice, but girls say they don’t “feel it” for me. Girls spend time with me and talk to me and say they like me, but that they don’t feel “that way” about me. What does that mean?
She likes you as a person and definitely as a friend, but she feels no attraction for you. To build attraction you need to build trust and add some mystery and challenge to make it interesting. Otherwise you will fall into the friendzone time and time again.

You may also need to change your game plan when you first approach a woman. Instead of going for the friendship spot, interact with her in ways that set the tone for exactly the ways that you are interested in her. In other words, don’t become friends with a girl you like. Get to know the girl you like only enough so that she will go on a one on one date with you. Then progress it from there.

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How do I challenge and tease women?
Here are some examples of how to tease or challenge women. First, notice something about her that she might be trying to draw attention to. If she is wearing bright neon shoes, she is probably trying to draw attention to her shoes. One way to tease her might be, “Hey, if you don’t turn those shoes off, you might briefly blind people.”

The same idea for CHALLENGING her. Let’s say you notice something about her that is a little original or different. Let’s take those bright neon shoes again. “I like your shoes. Were you sober when you bought them?” Or “I like your shoes. They are really subtle.” You challenge her by making comments that are a little ironic, unexpected, playful, vague, and could have multiple meanings.

Challenging type sentences have words and phrases such as:
I bet you can’t; I doubt you could; You probably couldn’t; I don’t know any one who has; or Do you really think you can?

Another kind of challenge is calling her out. If she says or does something you don’t like, tell her. Such as, “Listen, I don’t like it when you reach over and take food from my plate when you don’t ask me if you can do that. It’s my food! Get your own food.” In the process of doing this, you are presenting yourself as a challenge. In other words, she can’t take advantage of you like she does with others in her life.

Still another challenge is refusing to allow her to manipulate or control you. If she starts telling you how you should eat your dessert, you can just look at her and smile, and maybe say, “Since when did I put you in charge of my life?”

Remember that memorizing these examples I have given you will not be all you need. The more important component is your DELIVERY rather than what you say. If you can present your ideas and yourself in a confident, assertive, strong manner, this is what ultimately will get her to feel attraction for you. To be a challenge, you must remove your approval seeking tendencies.

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I am good looking but still have problems attracting girls.
Looks are only part of attraction, and usually only a small part. Focus on improving your character and skills.

Charisma, leadership, assertiveness, humor, presence, empathy, and validation are just a few skills and characteristics that make a man more attractive.

Stop relying on your looks, your car, your house, your clothes, your money, your job, and whatever else you have on the outside. Focus on the INSIDE!

Hey, if you are a good looking guy you are more likely to grab the instant attention of a girl. But if you have nothing to back that up, if you are relying purely on your looks – then the chick is going to get bored real quick. And, then you will probably find her off dating some average looking guy with an awesome personality and plenty of value to offer.

Also, remember that girls find it really off putting when you spend more time doing your hair than she does. Sure she likes a guy that takes care of himself – brushes, cleans, and irons his clothes. But a guy who is constantly checking himself out, flexing his muscles, and flossing his teeth – really doesn’t have much to offer her. Plus, women find it embarrassing when their partners are more superficial then they are.

So, stop focusing on the outer stuff and start focusing on the inner stuff.

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Meeting Women

Where do I meet down to earth women?
Imagine the kind of woman that you would like to meet. What are her values? What does she like? Where would she hang out? What would she enjoy doing? Once you figure that out – then go to those types of places. For a more intellectual type of woman you might find her at a cafe reading a book, at a library, at a training course, or at a seminar. For a more adventurous type of woman you might find her down at the beach, doing a scuba diving course, or doing some kind of mixed sport like tennis.

Think outside the square. Also, join social clubs and events where there are plenty of available women. Social clubs, friends’ parties, weddings and birthday parties of friends of friends can be good because the women will be more open to talking to you. It’s not a club scene, and since you probably know the same people, there is much more instant rapport.

Also, remember to be open to meeting good quality women any where at any time. Relax a bit, don’t try and force yourself. Once you start meeting a few good women, then it will be easier to get into the flow and attract opportunities to meet others.

I want to give myself the best opportunity to meet her …

I want more ideas on meeting women.
This girl seems to play games with me. She always seems to cancel dates. She flirts with me and kisses me, but then she pulls away and giggles. It’s like she likes me but seems to like the attention, and I don’t know if she likes ME as a person. What can you tell me about this?

The woman you are dealing with may be emotionally immature. You don’t owe her anything if she is just using you for attention. You could show her that her little manipulative mind games will not work on you by refusing to spend time with her, calling her out on what she is doing, and telling her that you don’t have time for her childish games.

These women are datable but they can be very high maintenance, so make sure you know what you are getting into. These types of women use manipulative techniques to gain control over their interactions with men. When you pretend nothing is wrong, she may attempt to gain more control. If she realizes she cannot control you, she may use another man to get additional attention from you by trying to make you jealous.

Firm boundaries, standing strong to your own values, not putting up with her antics and very hard teasing and challenging is the only way to get through to these women.

Set boundaries on what you want and what she does AND THEN stand by them. Keep notice on the level of her self-esteem and your self-esteem. See if hers is lower than yours. If you think it might be, you might want to find another woman who will treat you better AND feel better about who she is.

Once they learn to trust you and can see that their games don’t work on you, they can settle down and not act as high maintenance. The question really is, knowing this – would you want to get involved with her?

Remember to keep your focus on women that you feel you are compatible with and that will equally respect your time and attention.

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I just broke up with my girlfriend. Where can I go to meet girls?
Where can you NOT go to meet girls? Alright, let’s get serious here. Where do you go? If you always go to classes on how to repair cars, or baseball games, then women will be in short supply for you.

So, first evaluate your activities. Do you go grocery shopping? If you live in a major city in the UK, USA, Australia, or Europe, you will likely go to a grocery store. Who is behind the cash registers at the grocery stores? Yeh, that’s right! GIRLS!

Where else do you go where you see women? Cafes? Restaurants? Coffee shops? The mall? So, if you are NOT going to places where you see women, then you might want to change some of your habits so you ARE going to places where you will see women.

Do you go to places where you see the same women 2 or 3 times a week? If not, maybe it would help if you did.

Do you TALK to them when you see them? If not, then do so. Ask about their interests, their passions, and their day.

Do you have the character and skills that women find attractive? If so, do you know how to display it? I would suggest that you just get out and start talking to anyone and everyone. Start conversations with people at the bus stop, train station, supermarket. Join new social clubs that you would be interested in where other women or people would hang out. Women are everywhere, and it’s your job to put yourself in front of them. Go to an environment where you can win. Where you have a more warm approach with women (social clubs, birthday parties, social gatherings, work functions) and get to know them and their friends. When you are truly committed to finding women and giving yourself the best opportunity to do so – you will find them EVERYWHERE. The question you have to ask yourself is why are you not committed? Check out this article I wrote about this right <here>

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Dating Tips

I am divorced and have to watch my children a lot. They are always with me when I am out and sometimes I see a woman I want to talk to. What should I do if I am with my kids?

This really depends on the age of your children. Let’s face it, if they are teenagers when you approach a woman while out with them they are going to know that you are essentially “hitting on her”.

I would encourage you to consider HOW you might be approaching a woman. If you are friendly and lead a pleasant conversation and then get her number, that can show your kids how men are supposed to be respectful, assertive, and kind to women. Remember, how you treat, and act with women can teach your kids how a man is supposed to act – which can influence  how they act. So, it is possible that approaching women when your kids are around can be setting a good example of how a respectable man should treat women.

I would encourage you to keep it brief because your kids need to feel attended to and loved by you. So, avoid going out just to pick up women. Avoid conversations with women that last more than 5 minutes. Be brief. Get her number. And get back to your kids.

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I am a different race than this girl I like. Will she like me?
Some women are going to have preferences about race. Others will be more open. Still others will say they have preferences with race, but if the guy makes them feel REALLY GREAT, they may not care about the race. Alight, here is your brutally honest comment: Your race is your race. You can’t do much about it.

I can imagine if dating in an area that many women prefer Caucasian men can be difficult if you are not Caucasian. I would strongly encourage you to focus on what you can change and control. Aspects such as self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, empathy, humor, and leadership are just some aspects of yourself you could strengthen. I mean seriously, if a woman has a choice of going out with a Caucasian man who lacks those qualities or a man of a different race with HUGE amounts of those qualities – well, she just might toss aside her preferences for lighter skin to get the GREAT qualities of that man!

Just to start it out, self-esteem is often what I encourage most men to focus on because no matter how high self-esteem is, it can ALWAYS be higher! If you believe that Self Esteem is a huge area that you need help with, then I suggest you direct some focus to learning how to increase it.

Remember to focus on what you can control: your personality and skills. When you can develop these, thereby making yourself feel more confident and relaxed around women, you are more likely going to have greater success with them.

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I met this beautiful Asian girl but I am Caucasian. Is there a difference when dating Asian girls?
Not all Asian women are the same. It depends on their upbringing, their culture, and how long they have lived in a particular country. This has to come from your own judgment of where she is at and how closely tied she is to her culture. Find out what culture that is. Investigate. Ask her questions, and mix that up with some playfulness to keep it interesting. Remember that attraction speaks all languages and crosses all barriers. So focus on building attraction, trust, and rapport. Also, keep in mind that to have a long lasting relationship, you will need compatible values  and coming from two very different cultures can result in conflict unless you find some middle ground.

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I live in California and I want to date hot Asian girls. But I am white and I’m not very good looking. What should I do?

First, take a deep breath and relax. I am sure there are some hot Asian girls out there who would love to date an ATTRACTIVE man. So, focus on being an attractive man. What makes an attractive man is SO MUCH MORE than just looks or money or status. In fact, it is possible to attract a good quality woman without all those things. So stop focusing on your skin color and your looks. Check out this video on what makes an ultra attractive male:

For women, character is more important than looks. And, the right characteristics can make any man SUPER ATTRACTIVE! Developing presence, empathy, leadership, validation, listening skills, initiative, ambition, confidence, and humor inside yourself are MUCH more likely to be attractive to ANY woman regardless of your age, looks, skin color, or income.

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I got a girl’s number. What should I do now?
You don’t need to wait or get a woman’s permission in order to call her. If you want to call a woman, then call her! Just don’t do it in excessive stalkerish amounts as that’s a clear indication of neediness and breaks down any remnants of trust you may have built with her.

It’s ok to text a woman. Keep texting short with banter and get to the point. If a woman is not picking up your calls, then it may be wise to text her first. An interested woman will pick up your calls. If she missed them, she will either call or text you to get an opportunity to speak to you. I have written an article on exactly what you need to do to take it to the next level which you can access it <right here>

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What do I say and do on the first phone call to a girl?
I generally think that in a first conversation over the phone, the goal is to demonstrate that you are friendly, assertive, calm, and confident – AND, arrange a time and place to meet her in person.

So before and during the call, relax and breathe. Imagine the conversation going well. Take pressure off yourself. Pretend you are calling your best friend. Or, your niece. Or, mom. Or, whatever helps you relax. Remember, you are calling to TALK. You have talked to more than a few people in your life, right? So, you know how to talk.

Then ask her questions about what she likes. Food. Vacation. Books. Hobbies. Ask her what she is most passionate about in life. Make sure to not touch on any deep and meaningful topics. Keep it light and also relatively short and sweet.

Then suggest you continue the conversation another time, “Let’s meet at Cafe Vida Dulce this Saturday. It is at 123456789 Main Street in Anywhereville. If we were going to meet at 3pm, would you be ready by 2:45?”

If that time doesn’t work, suggest another time. Remember, if a girl really wants to meet you, she will make it fairly easy to meet and talk.

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How do I SHOW a woman I am a great catch?
By creating desire within her to want to be with you. Remember you don’t rationalize with a woman to get her to like you. You create desire within her. You draw her in. Creating that desire also happens over various stages. Creating a desire for her to speak with you. Then to kiss you. Then go on a date with you. Or to sleep with you. All of these add up to you looking more and more like a good and suitable catch for her.

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When should a guy pay for a date?
It shows a lot when a man pays for a date. But this does not mean that you have to buy her attraction or attention for you. I recommend that first dates should be very low key and inexpensive. Meet a local cafe, bookstore, icecream parlor, or park. And, don’t take total offense if she wants to pay for something during the date either. Relax and take it easy on the first date. Focus on the company rather than who will pay for the date.

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I want to date hot girls, but I am not very good looking. What should I do?
This is a VERY common concern. Please watch these videos here to understand. Keep in mind that when a woman is assessing a man she takes into consideration a WHOLE package of different things. Looks being a factor but can be completely overlooked where other characteristics that are more important are demonstrated.

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Complications With Women

What do I do if a girl tries to get me to do something for her? Or manipulate me?
Do you want to be her servant or her boyfriend? Then how are you going to act? If you are at her beck and call, doing whatever she wants – then she is going to treat you like a servant. Make sure you don’t fall into the position of the fall back guy – the one she calls when she needs a favor, random sex, or when she needs a bail out.

If some chick you like call you up about mowing her lawn, tell her she can look in her phonebook or on a search engine for a lawn care service company. Tell her the only reason she should call you is if she is wanting to have an awesome time with an awesome guy. THEN HANG UP THE PHONE!

Let me share with you a story about my friend. He is a really nice guy. He has had a few long-term relationships. And, whenever his girlfriend calls to get him to service the car, wash the car, do something with her car – a few weeks later they break up. I have seen this with 3 completely different women that he has dated. Now, does this have anything to do with servicing cars? Well, not really. What it does have to do with is not maintaining healthy boundaries and allowing a woman to use you as free labour – because you allow her to. No woman (as much as she will try to cajole you to do all her chores for her) wants a man that will just do EVERYTHING for her. That’s what bell boys are for. And, at least they are getting paid. You can do things occasionally for her. But for the things that you don’t want to do – that you are not interested in doing – get her to get someone else. Because you are not going to be “that” kind of guy. And, in the long run she WILL respect you for it because she will follow your lead on how much you respect yourself and your time.

Manipulation in general can be more difficult to deal with because it can happen at any time. One HUGE manipulative process women do is act cute and sweet so you lower your guard. Then when you are off guard and enjoying her attention, she asks for a favor. For example, she might compliment you on your big muscles and touch your arms – and then ask you for help moving something for her.

There is a book called by Manual Smith. I would encourage you to read it and apply it! Trust me, this tiny investment will be worth it for you in the long run!

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I like this girl. What should I do?
First, ask yourself what you like about her, and how you know if it is accurate what you think about her. Many guys will write me with questions like, “I see this girl who is a waitress at this café. I want to have a relationship with her. What should I do?”

Ok, she is a waitress at this café. What else do you know about her? Is she kind? Is she respectful? How do you know? What is it about her that makes you think she can have the kind of relationship you want? Do you know what kind of relationship you want?

Ok, let’s pretend you DO know what kind of relationship you want. How do you know what her character is? Seriously, guys, you are having a relationship with her as a person, not just her hot ass and perky tits.

How do you feel when you are around her? Do you feel your self-esteem go up when you talk with her? Do you feel like she brings out the best in you? What does she contribute to your life? Does she do nice things for you? Do you feel respected by her? Does she criticize you? Does she attempt to understand you? Does she take an interest in what is important to you? Is she supportive of you?

So, before you think about getting into a relationship with a girl, get to know her first.

Start with talking with her. Get her number or email or facebook page. At some point, meet with her at a café for 30 minutes or so. See if she can hold her end of a conversation. Can she act gracefully when she is with you? Is she friendly, kind, smart, and funny? Is she engaging and interesting? How does she treat the waiter at the café?

These are just some things to consider. There’s more <click here> to get started now!

I think I made a mistake with a girl.
Ok, first, how do you know you made a mistake? Is it because she didn’t react the way you wanted to? Is it because you called or texted her, and she didn’t reply?

Realize that even if you didn’t get the response you wanted, you might not have made a mistake. Perhaps she didn’t get the text. Perhaps she is out of town. Perhaps her cat died, and she isn’t talking to anyone. Sometimes women have chaos in their lives, and they need time to compose themselves.

Second, even if you did make a mistake, you can learn from it and act differently. People make mistakes all the time. They learn. They develop new habits. You can, too!

Third, women can be very forgiving. They like to have rapport and get along with those around them. So, if you made a mistake, they will likely over look it if you show with your actions that you have changed.

Fourth, even if you made a mistake and can’t recover, there are other women out there – and maybe better ones suited to you that this girl! In any neighborhood, who knows how many women there might be compatible with you, and you don’t even know them?

Fifth, in many situations guys have written to me about, there is usually a way to repair the situation! I have helped a number of guys repair their situations with women.

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This girl has gone cold on me.
Ok, this is similar to the “I think I made a mistake with a girl” question. So, read the previous question to get the basics. There are a number of ways to get a woman interested in you again.

First, attention. Women generally like attention from men, especially ATTRACTIVE men. So if you have the characteristics and skills of an attractive man, giving her some attention will likely work in your favor.

Second, be seen with another woman. Let’s pretend you fancy this waitress at a café. She used to be attentive to you, but she has gone cold. The next time you go to that café, bring a woman with you. It could be a friend, your niece, your cousin, your sister, a girl you are dating, your aunt – you get the idea, right? Now, if you REALLY want to drive her crazy, show up with 3 girls! Show up 4 times a week to that café with a different woman every time! Even if she thinks to herself, “He’s doing this on purpose to make me jealous,” it won’t matter. For most women, there is something almost instinctive that a man appears to be more attractive when he is seen with another woman. The jealousy thing kicks in.

Pleasant persistence can wear a woman’s reluctance down. If you kindly invite her to do things, text her 2 or 3 times a week with something funny, OR briefly talk with her 2 or 3 times a week, then a familiarity builds. This can make her warm back up to you.

Here is another one. Disappear for a few weeks. Don’t worry about another man snatching her up. Chances are, it won’t happen. See, most women have fairly boring lives and are surrounded with guys who they don’t feel attracted to. A number of these guys are also trying to get something from them – like sex. Why should she sleep with some guy who she doesn’t feel attracted to and he just wants to sleep with her? She probably won’t!

Let’s go back to that example of the waitress at that café. So, if you disappear for a few weeks and then return to that café, she will likely be wondering where you have been, what you have been doing, and probably wondering if you have been with another woman. Better yet, disappear for a few weeks – and when you go back to that café, bring a woman with you. Maybe 2! Get the idea? You are showing her that you have a life without her. This can be very attractive.

It’s a common mistake that men believe that for a woman to be interested in them – they have to be in their face 24/7 or at least in constant contact with them. Let me ask you this question, “Who do you value more: the cousin you haven’t seen in 10 years or your neighbor who you see everyday?” If you had only ONE free day to spend time with one or the other, which one would you choose? Probably your cousin, the one you haven’t seen in 10 years – because you may not see him until another 10 years have passed and/or because there is heaps to catch up on because you haven’t caught up in so long. You get my drift. It’s a basic human psychology logic that we value things that are perceived to be more rare. So, don’t be afraid to make yourself scarce. You are giving her the gift of missing you, so she can appreciate you even more when you come around.

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I called this girl but she is not calling me back.
There are a number of reasons why she might not have called back. She didn’t get the message. She lost her phone. She got back with her ex-boyfriend. She is shy. She had a friend die. She is out of town. You didn’t leave an interesting message. You didn’t offer something valuable to her. You remind her of a stalker. Or, she just really doesn’t want to call you back.

There are a number of things you can do. First, call again in a few days and leave a funny message, “Hi. I hope your day is great. I just wanted to tell you that the Prime Minister said that it was ok for you to call me and that our national security depends on it. The sooner you get back to me, the safer our country will be. Talk to you soon.”

Second, you could inspire her female competition. Get a woman friend on the phone with you and call the chick who won’t call you. Let’s pretend your friend is Jenny and the chick who won’t answer the phone is Mandy. Call Mandy with Jenny there with you. If Mandy doesn’t answer, leave her a voice mail message like, “Hi, Mandy. I was sitting here with my friend Jenny. I think you would get along with her. We were sitting here talking about you. Hey, Jenny, say ‘Hi’ to Mandy.” And then Jenny could say, “Hey, Mandy. I guess you are really shy or busy. We are having tea and eating cookies. I would have saved you one, but they are sooooooooooooo good! Maybe another time.” Then YOU talk and maybe say something like, “Well, Mandy, you missed me again. I guess we are going to have to eat the cookies we got for you. Maybe another time. Bye.” And better yet, have your friend Jenny giggling in the back ground the whole time when you are leaving Mandy a voice mail. Then hang up!

One final thing you could do is just stop calling her for two weeks and then call her back. Better yet, call her back after two weeks with a woman friend (like the example above).

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What should I do if a girl I am with starts to make a scene or starts some drama?
She might be doing it because she’s feeling insecure. She might be doing it to get attention from you. She might be trying to test to see if she can disrupt your presence.

First, breathe. Relax. If you get upset, it will NOT help. Staying calm will help. Ask her what she wants that she is not getting. Clap your hands and tell her you will nominate her for best actress of next year.

At a separate time, maybe in 3 or 4 days, talk to her about what she could do instead of making a scene. Tell her she is not trying to win an award for best drama queen of the year and that you expect her to act more mature, even if she is upset.

Also, work on ways to make her feel more safe, secure, and protected. This could include acting in a more assertive fashion, improving your awareness skills, increasing your knowledge of women, and developing more presence.

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Getting A Girlfriend

I’ve never had a girlfriend before. What should I do? How do I get one?
This is a really large topic to cover. But here are some things to consider when it comes to finding, getting, and keeping a girlfriend.

Character and skills: It will be important to build character strengths such as confidence, presence, patience, and emotional stability. Skills to develop can include empathy, validation, leadership, and self-awareness.

Define who she is: You will need to have a clear idea of who your dream woman is. How she looks. How she walks. How she talks. What is important to her?

Who is she as a person? How will you know that is truly her? For example, if you want a woman with a good sense of humor, how will you know if she has a good sense of humor? Is it because she can make you laugh? Is it because she laughs at all your jokes? Is it because you think the same movies are funny? The more specific you are in your list and how you will know, the more likely you are to get what you want.

Locate her: Where does she spend her time? For example, if you want a woman who is quiet and intellectual and very smart and likes to read, where might she be? You probably won’t find her at a bar or dance club. You are more likely to find her at a bookstore or the library.

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Attract: Now, if you truly want her, you will have to have a way to converse with her. If you worked to develop the necessary skills and character, then her feeling attracted to you will likely come very naturally. Once she is attracted to you, YOU are in control. You can decide if you want to continue to be with her.

Confirm you want her: Have a list of questions you want to ask her to get to know her to ensure she is a woman you want to be with. How does she spend her time? Does she get along with her family? Does she like animals? Ok, you will have to come up with a list of your own questions based on what is important to you.

Commit: At some point, you may want an exclusive commitment from her. If you have been using your skills and displaying your character, she will likely be willing to, even if she has some mixed feelings. There are ways to deal with it, like dealing with tests, which I cover here:

Keep her: Just because she commits doesn’t mean you can just slack off and do nothing. You need to keep displaying those attractive skills and character strengths. You need to have a plan to grow as an individual and grow the relationship.

Revitalize and renew: Keep some variety and freshness in the relationship. Be aware of any routines or habits you get into. Do something pleasantly unexpected every week, like maybe putting a rose in the refrigerator for her to find, or put a hand written note in her purse telling her how much you care for her. Remember THESE things are to do AFTER you are in a relationship with her, NOT when you are just dating her.

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Keeping A Girlfriend

What should I do if a girl I am dating or my girlfriend gets mad about something?
Ok, remain calm. Look around and see if there is something that might be making her insecure. Can’t see anything? Ask her about it. Ask her about it even if you think it is the 3,000 kilogram tiger in the corner.

Seriously, first get her talking about what she is upset about. Listen. Tell her what you think she is saying. If you think she is over reacting, call her out on it AND be prepared to back it up with facts. Like if she gets angry because the waitress gave her a salad with feta cheese and she ordered cheddar cheese, take the salad from her and give it to the waitress. Tell the waitress what the mistake was with the order and ask the waitress to correct it. BE POLITE! When the correct salad comes out, thank the waitress. Then tell your girlfriend (or date) that the next time something happens, she can discuss it with you instead of screaming so loud that half the police department will come running to the restaurant.

At a neutral time, make it clear that just because she is upset, doesn’t mean she gets permission to blow up. Work out a way for her to communicate her feelings to you more discretely. It will make her look more mature and reduce the chances she will ruin the rapport with those around her.

Also, work on ways to make her feel more safe, secure, and protected. This could include acting in a more assertive fashion, improving your awareness skills, increasing your knowledge of women, and developing more presence.

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What should I do if a girl I am dating or my girlfriend gets mad about something that I do?
First, avoid freaking out. It might be NOTHING to do with you. Ironic, eh? Ok, she might vent for a moment or two. LISTEN to her.

Ask her a few questions in a CALM voice. When did you notice this? How long has this been happening? What is upsetting about that? Tell me more. How did that make you feel? What did you wish had happened?

See, by listening and asking questions, she can begin to see (on some level) that you care about her feelings. She will likely calm down. She might even start to feel stupid, think she over-reacted, and worry that she was acting like a bitch.

Find out what exactly you might have done AND if you want to change that thing about yourself that she is upset about. AVOID the temptation to just stop doing whatever she said is so upsetting. If she starts demanding you change something, tell her you will think about it. AND, YES, do think about it. But, it is YOUR decision whether or not you change it.

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How do I keep my current girlfriend interested?
I’m glad you asked. Keeping a girlfriend interested can be very different from the process of courting and attracting her in the first place. Check out my video series on all the ways you can keep her interested.

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Being A Better More Confident Man

How can I learn to become more confident?
Learning to become a better more confident man is something that can take a little bit of time. It requires developing certain skills, raising your self-esteem, and pursuing things that help create a fulfilling life for you. Take a look at a few videos I have created which will help in becoming a better man.

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